Water Cooling Drill Guide

Tileasy has radically improved the process of drilling into hard tiles thanks to the launch of an innovative Water Cooling Drill Guide.

Designed in-house by this leading supplier of tiling tools and accessories to the trade, this new product prevents the drill bit from overheating whilst allowing accurate drilling into floor and wall tiles of hard construction.

Ideal for both the DIY market and professionals, Tileasy’s Water Cooling Drill Guide features a precision drill guide for four sizes, fixing pads and water reservoir and is available individually for drill bit sizes 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm in addition to a kit featuring all four sizes.

This unique product ensures the water feed hole delivers the right flow and speed of water to keep the drill bit at a cool and safe temperature. The Drill Guide can also be purchased individually along with additional fixing pads.  Retail price start from £5.99 and for full pricing details contact Tileasy on 02392 455050.

Tim Murphy, Managing Director at Tileasy said, “We are delighted to be launching this revolutionary yet simple product which is the result of extensive in-house research and innovation.

“Feedback from our clients highlighted how difficult it can be to get an accurate positioning when drilling into hard surface and also how much the drill bit heats up when working with surfaces like glass, granite and porcelain. This Water Cooling Drill Guide ensures accuracy, precision and positioning and works on both floors and walls,” added Tim.

To use the Water Cooling Drill Guide simply mark the position where the hole is to be drilled, attach the pad to guide, attach the guide to the wall or floor, load and fill reservoir with water and then drill with confidence.

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