Premium Plastic Square Edge Trim

A contemporary finish for a modern tile installation.

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Premium Plastic Square Edge Tile Trim

Our Premium Square edge tile trim is made from a higher grade of material, producing a sturdier and more professional look. They still feature a straight profile which has been designed to give a contemporary finish to any modern tile installation. This is achieved by allowing tiles to sit under the lip of the trim and neatly abut the trims edge.

Available Gloss Colours


Available Matt Colours


Available Profiles


Available Sizes

Premium Plastic Square Edge Tile Trim 6mm

Product CodeDepthLengthPack QuantityColour
10White Gloss

Premium Plastic Square Edge Tile Trim 8mm

Product CodeDepthLengthPack QuantityColour
5Gloss Black
PMS8B8mm2.44m5Matt Black
Gloss Grey
PMS8G8mm2.44m5Matt Grey
PGS8J8mm2.44m5Gloss Jasmine
PMS8J8mm2.44m5Matt Jasmine
PGS8S8mm2.44m5Gloss Slate Grey
PMS8S8mm2.44m5Matt Slate Grey
PGS8W8mm2.44m5Gloss White
PMS8W8mm2.44m5Matt White

Premium Plastic Square Edge Tile Trim 10mm

Product CodeDepthLengthPack QuantityColour
5Gloss Black
PMS10B10mm2.44m5Matt Black
Gloss Grey
PMS10G10mm2.44m5Matt Grey
PGS10J10mm2.44m5Gloss Jasmine
PMS10J10mm2.44m5Matt Jasmine
PGS10S10mm2.44m5Gloss Slate Grey
PMS10S10mm2.44m5Matt Slate Grey
PGS10W10mm2.44m5Gloss White
PMS10W10mm2.44m5Matt White

Premium Plastic Square Edge Tile Trim 12mm

Product CodeDepthLengthPack QuantityColour
5Gloss Black
PMS12B12mm2.44m5Matt Black
Gloss Grey
PMS12G12mm2.44m5Matt Grey
PGS12J12mm2.44m5Gloss Jasmine
PMS12J12mm2.44m5Matt Jasmine
PGS12S12mm2.44m5Gloss Slate Grey
PMS12S12mm2.44m5Matt Slate Grey
PGS12W12mm2.44m5Gloss White
PMS12W12mm2.44m5Matt White

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