Mosaic Mesh

Struggling with your mosaic sheets?

The nature of mosaic sheets is that they are floppy and difficult to tile evenly. When applying our Easyfix mosaic mesh to the back of any mosaic sheet, it will instantly make your mosaics rigid and easy to handle. Both saving time and resulting in an even finish.

“Easyfix mosaic mesh makes tiling mosaics so simple that its like fixing one solid tile.”
“Easyfix mosaic mesh can also be used to pack out your mosaics to match a thicker field tile.”

How to use

  1. Place mosaic sheet face down on a flat surface.
  2. Peel off backing paper from mosaic Easyfix mosaic mesh.
  3. As mosaic sheets vary slightly in size, match the Easyfix mesh carefully to two sides of your mosaic sheet and press firmly into position, ensuring a perfect match.
  4. If necessary trim off any excess mesh on the remaining two sides using Tileasy utility knife

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